We manage all of the sign up process to alternative app stores. Sit back relax and enjoy instant app promotion to over 1/2 a billion android devices worldwide

Here at Digitak we understand some big advantages provided by alternative app stores. Check out the list below of key benefits we have selected below:

  •  Wider Distribution: Some markets are focused on specific regions where Google Play Store and Apple App Store don’t provide their services.

  • Niche Audience: Other app stores like the ones built by great companies such as Samsung or Lenovo offer special advantages for their own products. Each platform has its own characteristics and many users are loyal to those sites.

  • Testing Opportunity: If you want to be sure about the success of your app, a soft launch is the solution of your concern. Of course, the place where you can find your first users can be considered one of the secondary markets.

  • Better Discovery: Even if the number of users is a lot smaller on alternative markets you can be sure that your target audience will observe your app in its category. 


"A fast growing number of HUAWEI users CAN NOT reach your App unless it is published in AppGallery." - Dr Jamie Gonzalo Google Leader, Storyteller, HUAWEI, EA Games, Mobile Expert, Keynote Speaker, Global Business


The fact that alternative markets aren’t so known can be seen as an advantage for app owners who want to make their app visible for their users. After you follow the official guidelines and you launch your app on big stores you should also consider the opportunities offered by smaller markets for increasing its discoverability.