Are there Huawei phones that already don't have access to the Google Play Store? If so, what’s the proportion?

Yes, the new release of phones since Sept 2019 do not have google services anymore. People can still access all google services by browsers for now. Proportion for this is super small, 1-2% tops. And considering there will be only 2-3 new releases every year, this will not be something we need to worry about in the near future.


How many Huawei phones are already using Harmony OS?

No such thing yet. Harmony OS is still in beta testing. All Huawei phones are using Google Android OS for now.


Will current Huawei users eventually be forced to change OSs to Harmony from Android? Or will they be able to continue using the Android OS?

Nothing that we should be worried about for now. Full launch of Harmony will take quite some time, and all the old versions of phone still have Google Play Store and Android OS, they will be able to continue using it.


Can they use the same APK that they have in the Play Store or do they need to create a new APK?

If gaming, they need to create a new APK with integration of Huawei SDK for the payment. If non-gaming, they can use the same APK, just duplicate one for Huawei with MMP tracking.


If it's the same APK, would the traffic reflect as Android on their server?

Yes it’s Android. But we need to make sure that the adv has duplicated the APK to us, otherwise the data will be mixed between Huawei AppGallery and Google Play Store.


How are we doing with Huawei at the moment? Any Advertiser running with it? How is the performance so far?

We have gone live with 3 campaigns so far, all finance apps, targeting PH and ID. Two got paused due to Covid 19 but all 3 of them have very positive feedback.


What apps are not allowed in Huawei?

Adult/Gambling/Drugs. Dating apps are a bit on the edge, depending on how much nudity there is for the app, might not be allowed with promotion in certain countries.


Can we run web offers on Huawei?

No for now. Only apps have to be launched in the Huawei AppGallery.


Can we run Huawei in China?

Not for the mainland, but yes for TW, HK, MO